DC3: Visible light-based sub-meter single-anchor localisation and (passive) communication

Task: Visible light-based sub-meter single-anchor localisation and (passive) communication (WP1)

Host institution: TU Delft

Country: The Netherlands

Supervisors: Prof. M. Zuniga [TU Delft]

Co-supervisors/mentors: Prof. Q. Wang [TU Delft], Dr. R. Bian [PureLiFi]

Objectives: To derive a framework for sub-meter light-weight localisation and people counting with a single bulb as the anchor; To design passive visible light communication and sensing systems where the objects reflect light with their bodies or retroreflectors; To evaluate the (passive) communication and sensing with visible light in the open-source platform designed in TU Delft (Obj2).

Expected Results: A model that achieves sub-meter lightweight localisation based on the Lambertian radiation pattern of an LED bulb; An algorithm that counts people accurately through the reflected light emitted by a single bulb; Implementation of algorithms in hardware.

PhD enrolment: Doctoral School of TU Delft

Planned secondments: 

  • Ford (4 months, M15-M18): Multi-object tracking and communication in mobile scenarios, with E. Kinav (joint conference paper)

  • PureLiFi (4 months, M27-M30): Design of passive visible light communication, with H. Haas (joint journal paper)

Candidate profile: Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, or Mechanical Engineering.

Desirable skills, interests and background: Wireless communication, visible light communication, machine learning, indoor localization (the applicant should be proficient in at least one or two of the skills)